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  • Mortlake Brewery – Film Studios

    Meanwhile the developer has been using the vacant site as a film studio and has now applied for planning permission for its continued use as such until the site is ready for redevelopment.  MESS is in favour of this application (click here).

  • Mortlake Brewery Redevelopment – Public Enquiry

    The latest applications for housing and secondary school went before the Council’s Planning Committee on 19 July 2023.  MESS raised concern about inter alia the density and height, the impact on heritage,  the low percentage of affordable housing and the inadequacy of public transport (click here) but both applications were approved subject to direction from…

  • Barnes Hospital Redevelopment

    The application for the retained mental health facility (MHF) and special needs school (SEN) went before the Council’s Planning Committee on 10 May 2023.  MESS raised concern about the MHF being confined to only 13% of the site instead of 21% and the SEN school now occupying 31% instead of 23% (click here).  The Committee…