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Current News

Our area is caught between three minefields which emerged in mid August 2020, viz:

Thurs 13 Aug: Hammersmith Bridge closed to pedestrians and cyclists due to widening cracks.

Fri 14 Aug: Richmond Park Traffic Management Plan unveiled.

Sat 15 Aug: Revised plans for the Mortlake Brewery unveiled.

The three minefields are interlinked. The closure of Hammersmith Bridge to vehicular traffic in April 2019 had already caused the diversion of traffic to Chiswick Bridge through our area. The Richmond Park Traffic Management Plan prevents such traffic from entering East Sheen via Sheen Gate and the Brewery redevelopment can only be accessed from the A3003 (Lower Richmond Road/Mortlake High Street/ Barnes High Street) which is already heavily gridlocked.

Current Issues

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The Mortlake Brewery
Aerial Masts
Other recent planning applications
Hammersmith Bridge
The Richmond Park Traffic Management Plan
East Sheen Parkside Low Traffic Neighbourhood Plan

Our Programme of Events

Mon 15 Feb: Barnes Hospital (Sandra Hempel)
Mon 15 Mar: Our AGM and the film about Dr John Dee
Postponed: The Old Manor House under the Brewery site (Helen Deaton)

In October 2020, Patience Trevor gave a presentation about our Historic Walls. If you would like to read more and see the maps which show the locations of our historic walls on today’s map base and also on Godfrey’s historic maps of 1893, please click here.

There may be a change in the order of speakers depending on how Covid-19 pans out, but these dates are fixed, so please note them in your diaries.