News & Events


In the space of three days:
13 August: Hammersmith Bridge – closed to cyclists and pedestrians until further notice.
14 August: Mortlake Brewery – the long awaited revised plans reached the Mayor, public consultation is about to start and the Mayor’s public hearing is scheduled for Thurs 26 November.
15 August: Richmond Park Traffic Management Plan – the traffic measures came into effect on a trial basis lasting 6 months and the public consultation will be during November-December.
Click here for more details on all the above under Current Issues.  The Brewery is the first item under this heading and you will need to scroll down to the bottom to find Richmond Park and Hammersmith Bridge.

Our Programme of Events looks like being as follows:

Mon 26 Oct: Barnes Hospital (Sandra Hempel)
Mon 16 Nov: The Pandemic (speaker to be announced)
Mon 18 Jan: The Old Manor House under the Brewery site (Helen Deaton)
Mon 15 Feb: Our Historic Walls (Patience Trevor)
Mon 15 Mar: Our AGM and the film about Dr John Dee

There may be a change in the order of speakers depending on how Covid-19 pans out, but these dates are fixed, so please note them in your diaries.