Members may not be aware of a Consultation currently being run by Transport for London suggesting that there might be introduced from April 2019 Ultra Low Emission Zone Controls for vehicles the boundary for which would be the South Circular Road. This has implications for a lot of cars, particularly diesel, and to discourage their use there will be a charge much like there is for driving a vehicle into Central London on Mondays to Fridays. There is no guidance as to whether residents who live north of the Upper Richmond Road or indeed those living in the rest of Sheen will benefit from a discount.
Although the Consultation document is detailed and quite small print you may want to respond.
As always there are two sides to this proposal. On the one hand it seems that vehicle emissions are not good for health, on the other hand there is no commitment in the Consultation to spend the money raised to improve health, so effectively it is a tax.
Members who want to review the Consultation and/or respond are directed here