BMHS publications list 2017


Title  Author
Hand in hand
Murray Hedgcock
Alleyways of Mortlake and East Sheen
Charles Hailstone
The story of Cromwell House at Mortlake
Helen Deaton
They lived in Sheen Lane
Mike Smith
John Dee of Mortlake
Nicholas Dakin
Albert Betts: Mortlake’s artist
David Deaton

Illustrated papers – all at £3.00 each

Local Life in the Reign of Charles II
Margaret Butler
The Five Shilling Cottages
Helen Deaton
Murder & Mystery in Barnes & Mortlake
Charles Hailstone & Mary Grimwade
The History of Mortlake schools
Helen Deaton
The Wigan Hall
 Fred Mattingley
Mortlake British Schools
 Bernard Saunders
A Centenary Tribute
 Raymond Gill

All prices include postage and packing. Please send cheques payable to the Barnes and Mortlake History Society to: 9 Parliament Mews, Mortlake, SW14 7QP

Barnes and Mortlake Past ed. Maisie Brown at £15.95 is available at the Sheen Bookshop, Upper Richmond Road, as are a selection of the Society’s books.

A Collection of Papers on Barnes, Mortlake and East Sheen in World War II is available for £16.00 from Paul Rawkins, 30 Bracken Gardens, SW13 9HW